What we offer

8 standard shapes of plaques are offered: large oval, large square, large round or large rectangle, or, small oval, small square, small round, or small rectangle.  The large plaques are priced at £44, to include up to 20 letters and a motif or number.  The small plaques are priced at £30 to include up to 12 letters and a number except for the small round which is only suitable for numerals and is priced at £15.  

The standard font is Times New Roman bold however I am happy to review customer’s font choices.

Standard plaques are offered using seven tried and tested glaze colours: black, green, light green, terracotta, light terracotta, royal blue, and navy blue.

Please contact me to discuss and quote for non- standard plaque requirements, be it in size, text, font, or glaze colouring. (see the gallery page for some past examples)

Delivery can be from one week up to one month for standard plaques.  The time is dependent on the amount of work I have going through the kilns.

Postage and packing to the UK for all standard size plaques is £5 and they are sent by Royal Mail 2nd class small parcel.  Prices for shipping outside UK depend on the destination.

Standard plaques

Large oval. £45
approx. 27cm x 18cm
Example shown with royal blue glaze

Small Oval. £30
appro. 19cm x 14cm
Example shown with black glaze

Large round £45
approx. 17cm diameter
Example shows green glaze

Small round. (suitable for numbers only) £15
approx. 14cm diameter
Example shows terracotta glaze

Large rectangle. £45
approx. 29cm x 16cm
Terracotta glaze

Small rectangle. £30
approx. 29cm x 8cm
Royal blue glaze

Large square. £45
approx. 20cm x 20cm
Light terracotta glaze

Small square £30
approx. 15cm x 15cm
Black glaze

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